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As a dynamic industry that comprises countless interwoven and linked factors which has to deal with unpredictable climatic conditions, livestock supply fluctuations, geo-political factors and international market currencies, the pursuit of lean processes and energy efficiency is top of mind.

SMC  assisted Fletcher International Exports in saving $ 65 000 on their power costs.

The SMC Energy Conservation Group undertook a full plant study and identified the areas of improvement.

SMC assisted with product selection, installation and special designs to help keep this plant running at optimal performance. Ongoing monitoring and maintenance are now in place to ensure continuous improvement at this plant.

“I wake up with this challenge everyday - how to do things smarter not harder. Once we realised what savings could be achieved, it absolutely switched on for us - where else can we save” - Melissa Fletcher, CEO - Fletcher International Exports

Energy Efficiency

Gain awareness of the energy consumption of your pneumatic equipment, so you can optimise its air consumption and start reducing your energy-related costs.

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